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Nature's Antibiotic

My family has a "love-great dislike" relationship with antibiotics. OK, I'll be a bit more honest . . . it is mostly great dislike . I have yet to find one that doesn't multiply the problems that we originally started with! So the result is that we have an infection AND dizziness, nausea, digestion issues etc. NO FUN! I started dabbling in holistic remedies about ten years ago after my fourth son was born. It never failed . . . .every single time I had a baby I ended up with a UTI and mastitis at some point during the first couple of months after the baby was born. And let me tell you, those type of infections hit you like a ton of bricks. One minute you are homeschooling three kiddos and nursing a baby at the same time and the next you are curled in a ball on the floor asking your sons to pile blankets on top of you. And even if the doctor could take me immediately (yeah, right) that meant that I would have to pack up all my kids and take them with me to the doctor's office. I mean, I did it a couple times but by the time I got there I was borderline delirious and sweating profusely! So I smartened up and started looking up natural remedies for infections. I was ready for whenever the next one hit. I had no idea whether or not it would actually WORK but I was definitely ready to give it a try. So I made sure I had garlic, cayenne pepper, and raw honey in the house and not too much time at all passed until I needed to try out my new potential "secret weapon". Nowadays I have caught onto the idea of filling veggie capsules with the "natural antibiotic" mixture and my sons are eternally grateful! But back then I just downed it by dumping small spoonfuls into the back of my throat and swallowing it with about a gallon of water. Mothers do desperate things when they fear that they will not be well enough to take care of their babies! See future blogs to learn more about other sometimes disgusting but extremely effective natural remedies that have restored me to "supermom" status in no time. (I kid, I have never fully earned that title). Since then, I have tried this concoction out on my kids - it has eliminated ear infections, strep throat, and other unidentified infections that caused high fevers.

What you need to make this Natural Antibiotic:

Garlic : Yes, the stinky stuff! And you CAN'T cheat and get the pre-minced in a jar! It has to be FRESH and STINKY! Garlic has been used to treat wounds since . . . . like ancient Roman times when garlic poultices were used to treat wounds! Louis Pasteur - yes, the very famous microbiologist that created the pasteurization process - was the first to perform experiments that proved that garlic could kill bacteria! You're breath is gonna stink but let me tell you - it will be WORTH it!

Cayenne Pepper: Yes, the eyes-watering/make you choke if you breathe it in stuff! I love spicy food so cayenne pepper doesn't bother me but I fully understand that . . . . I am weird. Cayenne peppers contain a chemical compound called capsaicin that helps alleviate pain by reducing the amount of a neuropeptide (known as substance P - super original) that travels to the brain to signal pain. Whoops, I went a little "Science Geek" on you there. Bottom line: Cayenne pepper is known for reducing inflammation and pain.

RAW honey: Ten years ago it was much more difficult to find raw honey. I had to have it shipped in from who-knows where. But now it is pretty easy to find - especially if you live in a small "farm-town" like Clover, SC!! If you are trying to down this stuff straight, the raw honey is your best friend for sure. Mary Poppins never mentioned honey as helping the medicine go down but I am sure that she would approve of this healthier sweetener. But sweetening things up is not the most important function of the raw honey. Those honey bees know how to make a sweet substance that also boosts immune function AND has strong antiviral and anti-fungal properties!

Veggie Capsules:

You will want these if you don't love swallowing a mouthful of garlic-pepper honey! I purchase them in a pack of 500 off of Amazon. Here is the link to the ones that I have been using . . . .

Assembly Instructions:

1- Press one clove of garlic using a garlic press OR chop very finely with a knife

2- Let the pressed/chopped garlic sit out in an uncovered bowl for about 15 minutes. (this increases it potency)

3- Add 1 tsp cayenne pepper to the garlic.

4- Add 1/2 tablespoon of honey to the garlic/cayenne mixture.

5-Stir until well mixed.

6- Pour the mixture into veggie capsules. I use a baby spoon and let the mixture "drip" into the capsules.

7- One "batch" will make approximately 8-10 capsules. This is one "dose".

8- Take one dose of these capsules 2-3 times a day until fever/symptoms are gone.

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